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We are so glad you are interested in Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church.  Here at Christ of the Hills our mission is to be a vibrant, growing church changing lives and reshaping futures for Jesus Christ.  In focusing our efforts on our worship services, church activities and mission outreach, we are giving all that we have, all that we do, all of the time to glorify God.

We have a Life Changing Story To Tell

The members of Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church love to tell the story of God's love in Jesus Christ.  We tell the story in many different ways:

      Some tell it with words; others tell it on a mission trip

      Some tell it with music; others tell it by visiting the sick and hospitalized.

      Some tell it by making blankets for hospitalized veterans; others tell it by making caps and and blankets for those with cancer.

      Some tell it by taking meals to home-bound persons; others tell it by participating in a Bible study or Sunday School class.

      Some tell it by serving on a committee; others tell it by serving as an acolyte usher, greeter or by serving punch and cookies.

      Some tell it by serving as a Stephen Minister; others tell it by taking Holy Communion to a home-bound or hospitalized person.

      Some tell it by volunteering at the Rice Depot, Master's Table, Jackson House, Methodist Outreach or another of the many charitable organizations we serve.

      We all tell it in worship, in Bible study and in so many other ways. We serve in many ways to glorify Christ and thank him for what he has given us and done for us.

      In telling the story of God's love we become connected to God and others in meaningful ways. The relationships we form give special meaning to life.

      We invite everyone, in God's name, to become our fellow faith-pilgrims. Come and worship with us; come and participate in the many ministries our church offers. If after looking at us and our devotion to Jesus Christ you feel called to join our church, we will welcome you as a member.