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Lenten Study & Devotional


(Why we embrace what diminishes us)

Tuesdays February 27-March 27     10:00 a.m.
Led by Rev. Sieg Johnson

     Unlike our Fall 2017 Tuesday series, which focused on the Hebrew Bible and its stories, Addictions will begin with the biblical text but then branch out to consider perspectives of other faith traditions and academic disciplines – mythology, philosophy, psychology, children’s literature, poetry, the visual arts, and more.
       Here’s a taste of what our Addictions study will offer, this a quotation from David Appelbaum.  “First we know evil viscerally.  We are tempted, pulled gravitationally toward its course of action.  In the stunning image from Judeo-Christian tradition, we welcome the serpent’s honeyed poison as it is poured into our ears.  Under attack, resolve weakens, and like Eve, we assent to a forbidden taste.  Why do evil thoughts lure us?  Why is the face of evil so attractive?”
      Join us for this five-week Lenten study. Please sign up on the form below, in the Information Center or call the office at 501-922-4503.

40 Days of Lent

Living The Life

Daily Reflections on the Upper Room Discourse

Grow in your faith during Lent with a daily devotional delivered directly to your email.  This year our devotional from Water From Rock Ministries (an ecumenical ministry in Scottsdale, AZ),  is titled:  Living the Life!  Here's what the author has to say about this series:
      “The focus of our Lent devotional for 2018 will be this new quality of life God intends for us today. We will explore what is commonly called “The Upper Room Discourse” found in John 13-16. In these four chapters we have Jesus’ parting words, just hours before He died. Here is the quintessence of everything Jesus wants us to know about life.
      Two thousand years have come and gone since Jesus spoke these words, but the same divine power continues to flow through them to us. The same tender eyes look on us that looked on those disciples. Jesus longs today to tell us about the life He came to give us. He has so much He wants to tell us in The Upper Room. Here are words not just to read, but words to read and to ponder. Words to lovingly pray over. Words to live. Let us linger with Jesus in The Upper Room! Here is life! This is Living .

      This devotional is available by e-mail sent to you each day in PDF form or there will be printed booklets.  Indicate on the form below in which format you would like to receive the devotionals, register in the Information Center or call the office at 501-922-4503.

Come close to God and God will come close to you.


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