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Pastor Sieg's Fall Study

Route 66

Each tuesday morning
october 2-30
10:00 a.m.
     Fasten your seat belt and join me on Route 66 for a five day road trip through biblical lands.  We’ll be loading up for departure each Tuesday morning of October at 10:00 a.m., so mark your calendars and don’t miss a single day of this exciting journey.

     I’m talking, of course, about my Tuesday Pastor’s Study Series, and it all begins on Tuesday, October 2 in the Choir/Lecture Room.  From there we will magically be transported to Babylon, joining Abram’s caravan for his journey to the Holy Land.
     Adventure awaits as we travel the three major trade routes from ancient times.  Join us each October Tuesday as we visit key sites along our way from the plush northern Galilee to the barren desert surrounding the Dead Sea in the south.  What would a trip to the Holy Land be without a visit to Jerusalem, and our five-day road trip will end on October 30 with a visit to the holy city.
     This study combines history, geography, and archaeology in a way that will add texture to the biblical text, making well-known stories of the bible come alive.
     As one with much experience in Holy Land travels, I look forward to sharing the Land with you as travel “Route 66” together.  Why Route 66?  Well, since there are 66 “books” in our Bibles, it just had a ring to it!  We won’t have time to stop at each and every “mile marker” along the Way, but nothing will be out of our reach!  Join us!
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